The Monkey and the Smoke - Available 28th April 2014

by Caroline Ty

The title is an allusion to the La Fontaine's fable, "The Monkey and the Cat", where the cat gets nothing for its pains for helping the monkey to pull chestnuts from a fire. The moral tale highlights those careless of the suffering of others in fulfilling their ambition and how people shamelessly use one another. It refers to those who are being trampled in tight economic times and all those who trample on your heart when love becomes scarce.

You Will Always Want More (and Never What is in Your Hand) EP

by Caroline Ty

The fourth EP is a bittersweet collection of love songs. Twisted tales of clinging onto love, getting over love and daring to love set against the backdrop of summer riots and stolen lazy afternoon moments.

They are only Human, but we treat them like Gods EP

by Caroline Ty

Featuring Tub Dub (Sure Footed), four original tracks filled with old skool dub sounds.

‘Caroline Ty draws her influences from strong vocalists with a story to tell. Her latest EP is a collection of four electro-jazz tracks that marry political comment with some seriously infectious beats'. So Magazine

Love and Honey EP

by Caroline Ty

‘Love and Honey’ is a collection of 4 self-penned and produced original songs about love, obsession, manipulation, abandonment, journeys beginning and ending and the human condition. The EP blends haunting layers of deep, bluesy vocals with electro-jazz, trip-hop dance beats, organic samples and melancholy string undertones.

The Mag: 'A solid electro-opera that is to New Order what Meat Loaf is to Led Zeppelin. It has hints of Lunascape, but on this record the dream is much darker'.