London born, Kent based Caroline Ty (aka Caroline Woolrich) is a songwriter and film/multimedia composer who blends classical training and bluesy vocal melodrama within a fusion of electronic and organic sounds. Writing twistingly dark compositions, with expressive, confessional lyrics.  Music you can dance to, but with a dark undertone somewhere in the chord changes, as if not all is well at the party.  Sometimes purring gently with chocolaty dark tales of love and sometimes swiping a cheeky paw at celebrity obsession.  An observation of human nature and a commentary on the absurd world we have built ourselves, a world filled with a political zeitgeist of money grabbing, deception and broken promises.  Self-penned, produced and released with a spirit of independence. Her music has been performed (among others) at the Serpentine Pavilion, The Barbican, The National Gallery and The Milton Court Theatre, London








Recent Projects 

Hello and Goodbye (2022) Animation 

Connection (2022) Short 

Mould and Fold (2022) Short 

Rise of a Raven (2022) Closing Credits Song

In the Woods (2022) Short

Limp (2022) Short

The Marionette (2023) Short

A Vacancy (2023) Short

Last Rites (2023) Short

Do You want Some Pigeons? (2023) Animation Short

Tale of Earl's Enjoyment (2023) Short

The Blue Room (2023) Documentary Short

Self Reflection (2024) Documentary Short



Two Worlds (2022) Japanese Silent Film Original Score (Barbican, London)  

The Goat (2022) Silent Film Score (Milton Court Theatre, London) 

'Elusive Butterflies' (2023) Composition for string quartet (National Gallery, London) 

The Marionette (2023) Film Screening with live score performance (Whirled Cinema, London)

Disque 957 (2023) French Silent film Original Score with orchestra (Barbican, London)

‘Dancing with the Green Fairy’ (2024) Composition for Harp, Viola and Flute (Courtauld Gallery, London)



The Trap (2009)  
Love and Honey (2010)  
They Are Only Human, But We Treat them Like Gods (2011)  
You Will Always Want More (and Never What is in Your Hand (2012) 

The Monkey and the Smoke (2014)  
The City is Stealing the Horizon (2021)


BA (Hons) Commercial Music University of Westminster

LLCM (Composition) London College of Music

 MMus Music Composition (Dist.) University of Surrey

MComp Music Composition Guildhall School of Music and Drama